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  1. Japan develops 30-minute Ebola virus test

    Zee News-02 Sep 2014
    Tokyo: Japanese researchers said on Tuesday that they had developed a new method for Ebola virus that detects the disease in .
    Japanese Researchers Develop 30-minute Ebola Test
    The New Indian Express-02 Sep 2014
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  2. Research reveals how Ebola virus blocks immune system

    Zee News-01 Sep 2014
    Washington: Researchers have revealed how the Ebola virus blocks body's antiviral defenses in a new study, providing important insight that ...
  3. How the Ebola virus spreads in humans

    TheHealthSite-21 Aug 2014
    (Read: Has the Ebola virus really come to India?) ... andresearchers believe that Ebola was first transferred into humans through animals.
    World's Scariest Infectious Diseases
    The New Indian Express-23 Aug 2014
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  4. Ebola in India: Suspected Ebola case in Mumbai

    TheHealthSite-11 Aug 2014
    'There is no confirmed case of Ebola in Mumbai. ... The Ebola virusdisease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe ...
    Daily News & Analysis-11 Aug 2014
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  5. Ebola Virus Travel Tips -- Precautions you should take

    TheHealthSite-05 Aug 2014
    Ebola virus As the Ebola outbreak ... Although there are no cases inIndia yet, you need to be alert about the signs. If symptoms like fever, body ...
  6. Secret serum working on Ebola-infected Americans

    Times of India-04 Aug 2014
    ... that may be working on the two US aid workers infected by theEbola virus in Africa. ... a physician of Indian-origin who is an infectious disease specialist at ... including a release by the US Army Medical Research Institute of ...
  7. Financial Express

    Proteins that inhibit HIV, Ebola release identified

    Times of India-26 Aug 2014
    The researchers found that as the viral particles attempt to bud from, or leave, the infected cell, the TIM-family proteins located on the surface of ...
  8. What the Ebola virus dreams about

    Washington Post (blog)-04 Aug 2014
    It has a world-class inventory of bacteria and viruses. ... stories in the newsmagazines, there's a pneumonic plague outbreak in India, there are ...
  9. Times of India

    Latest Ebola News: Ebola in Nigeria under control

    TheHealthSite-21 Aug 2014
    (Read: Has the Ebola virus really come to India?) Chukwu said the federal ... (Read: 10 reasons that make the Ebola virus deadly for humans).
    UN Ebola pointman to visit west Africa
    Times of India-21 Aug 2014
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